The Women Who Made NY Book Signing

Wednesday Nov 30th!  7-9 pm

At Exit9  51 Avenue A NYC (between 3rd and 4th streets)

Book signing and conversation with author Julie Scelfo and Illustrator Hallie Heald !!!   Free wine while supplies last. 

Whether you have lived in New York City your entire life or are brand-new and still trying to get your bearings, Julie Scelfo’s “The Women Who Made New York” will open your eyes. The stories in this book have never been told quite this way before. Together with Hallie Heald’s illustrations, this book is as compelling and bold as the women themselves.

Tuesday's For Good: October

In October our Tuesdays for Good organization is Fourth Arts Block (FABnyc). FABnyc is keeping arts alive now and for the future on the Lower East Side. Saving art in one neighborhood helps all of NYC. Their programs are as diverse as the artist forms they represent. Learn more about Fourth Arts Block here.

Shop Exit9 every Tuesday in October and we give 5% of all sales to support FABNYC.

This month we are joined by Jimmy’s 43 and Anthony Aiden Opticians in our Tuesdays for Good efforts. Shop with us and Anthony Aiden Optical then eat and drink with Jimmy’s 43.  This is our little LES benefit crawl to support FAB NYC.

Have fun. Help out.

LES History: More History

Flyer by Dinkc

Flyer by Dinkc

In conjonction with Lower East Side History month Exit9 Gift Emporium and Boundless Brooklyn present

LES History, More History  
May 24th 6-8pm

Exit9 is proud to be in cahoots with Boundless Brooklyn®, makers of eco-friendly, do-it-yourself replica model kits, as we curate and present their latest group art show, LES History, More History.  

The art opening will take place at Exit9 Gift Emporium  (51 Avenue A between 3rd and 4th streets) on May 24 from 6-8pm.   All art work will be on display and available for purchase until June 24th.     

LES History, More History will feature original works by approximately 15 of today’s leading NYC artists.  In celebration of New York historical icons (including Boundless Brooklyn’s newest product release—Mailbox model kit), each participating artist received a model kit to use as a canvas. The result is a unique collection of three-dimensional works of art that pays homage the disappearing icons of New York's visual landscape. 

Participating artist include: ChrisRWK, Zero Productivity, MURRZ, TMO, DINKC, The DRiF, Lage Art, Violet Paek, InPrimeWeTrust, Mike Die, Nite Owl, This Is Mari NYC, Shadow Boxer, Ramiro Davaro-Comas, Jaimie Walker. 


The Lighter Project

May 17th 6-8 pm

Exit9 Gift Emporium  
51 Avenue A, NY 10009

This event is in celebration of Lower East Side History Month! See the full schedule of events at  #eastvillageloves

Join us at Exit9 as we exhibit Steve Ellis's Ignited Lighter Project.  Come peruse this unique collection of lighters dawning portraits of a myriad of East Village's very own local celebrities.  

Some of the many artists & performers included in Steve's lighter project are: Debbie Harry, Amanda Lepore, Dean Johnson, Dirty Martini, Patricia Field, Luna, Penny Arcade, Murray Hill, Dick Manitoba, Taylor Meade, World Famous Bob, Kembra Pfahler and Scotty the Blue Bunny just to name a few.   They're only $5 each!  #eastvillageloves

Photo: Les Stone

Photo: Les Stone

Steve Ellis is a painter and sculptor working in New York City's Lower East Side and the Catskills, NY. His representational technique uses pop culture iconography to explore various issues including contemporary consumerism, idolatry, the environment and the death of print media.
His series have investigated the transitory beauty of American popular culture, featuring consumer detritus such as torn magazines, broken high-heeled shoes, crashed cars and cigarette lighters.


Book signing party with Ada Calhoun and Michael Sean Edwards

Join us at Exit9 Gift Emporium as we celebrate Lower East Side History Month!  See the full schedule of events at #eastvillageloves

Relax with a glass of wine while we hear from these two East Village historians.   

Thursday May 12 at 6pm

Come hear the sweet words of Ada Calhoun as she reads from her recently released book St. Marks Is Dead: The Many Lives of America’s Hippest Street.  Listen to her first hand account of growing up on the streets of our beloved and ever changing East Village neighborhood.   Purchase a copy of her book and get is personalized just for you. 

Plus, Michael Sean Edwards will present photographs from his book Past Future Past, East Village 1978-1980. Michael's book will also be available for purchase and signing. Hehas been living and photographing in the East Village since 1978.  This is the first published collection of his early work.


This event is in celebration of Lower East Side History Month! See the full schedule of events at

Earth Day with Mud Coffee and Exit9 Gift Emporium

Prepare to get dirty!  Mud Coffee is teaming up with Exit9 Gift Emporium and the NYC Compost Project hosted by LES Ecology Center to bring you an afternoon of Earth Day activities.   For families with kids ages 4-10.   Open to the public, but please register for complete access to all activities.     

Friday, April 22nd 3-5 pm

Location:  Mud Park a the corner of 1st Avenue and Houston S. 
(Rain date Tuesday 4/26)  

  • Decorate Your Own Free Planter Pot:   Exit9 will provide the planters (graciously supplied by Plan Toys). Personalize and decorate your planter pots using markers and stickers! 
  • Plant seeds!    Soil is provided by the NYC Compost Project hosted by LES Ecology Center and a variety of seeds supplied by Hudson Valley Seed Library.   All you need to do is bring your grubby little hands to put it all together.
  • Soil Health Talk:    At 4pm, experts from the NYC Compost Project hosted by LES Ecology Center will be conducting educational talks regarding soil health, compost, and the benefit of worms!
  • Free Cup Of Coffee (for RSVP's only) 
  • Win Prizes!   (for RSVP's only) Spin the prize wheel for your chance to win earth friendly items, like Mud Coffee Travel Mug, Exit9's stainless steel water bottle, reusable shopping bags and gift certificates from Exit9 and Mud Coffee.   Only while supplies last. 
  • Use the hashtag #eastvillageloves to post your photos. 
For over 30 years, PlanToys® has been recycling the wood from expired rubber wood trees to create beautiful wooden toys that inspire children’s imagination and promote a commitment to sustainable play for generations to come.

For over 30 years, PlanToys® has been recycling the wood from expired rubber wood trees to create beautiful wooden toys that inspire children’s imagination and promote a commitment to sustainable play for generations to come.




The Doctor is IN... SANE!

Photo by Stacie Joy

Photo by Stacie Joy

This Halloween Exit9 is cooking up some insanity!  Gore-hungry East Village tricksters (and their parents) are invited to a feast with spine-tingling scenes of medical malpractice.  

Photo by Stacie Joy

Photo by Stacie Joy

Exit 9 will transform its front window into a grisly operating theater and cringe-inducing kitchen, serving up bloody delicacies and edible body parts to our ghoulish party guests.  Watch in disgust as the demented Dr. Frankenchef  and his nurse, Ghoulia Childs, perform actual surgery on unwilling victims! Bring your own barf bag for some very special treats.  

Saturday Oct 31st From 7 to 9 P.M., whether they want to or not, pedestrians passing the store (located between 3rd & 4th Street) will bear witness as a dastardly demented doctor loses all patience…  as he dines on patients.

Photo Credit by Stacie Joy

Photo Credit by Stacie Joy

Photos by Carry Lou

Photos by Carry Lou

Photos by Carry Lou

Photos by Carry Lou

Photos by Carry Lou

Photos by Carry Lou

Photos by Carry Lou

Photos by Carry Lou

Eggsit9 Hunt

Eggit9 Hunt is on! 

Peep Peep!  This year, Exit9 will lay some eggs! 

Treat-hungry youngsters (and adults) around East Village, Boerum Hill and Carroll Gardens, can search high and low for hidden treasures in Tomkins Square Park, Carroll Park and Congress Park.  Crack the egg and receive a ticket redeemable for free treats at Exit9.    Some eggs contain more than one ticket so grab a friends and share the springtime joy!   Eggs will be laid by Friday  April 3rd.    Find them when you can and redeem any found tickets by Sunday at sundown.   Good Luck!  


Buyer of the Day - Meet Emma!

Emma of PS261 was our buyer for the day.   Upon meeting Emma she quickly let me know that... "I'm 9 but I'm pretty small".   I disagree, if you're bold enough to introduce yourself that way, then you're not small.   You're actually big enough to say it.   Love that!    

What a pleasure it was to work with such a well behaved buyer.  I liked Emma's workflow and how eager she was to get down to the buying business.  We didn't waist any time.  We got started immediately.  Tattly (temporary tattoos) was our first objective.   We logged on to Tattly's website using our top secret password and proceeded to order over  100 tattoos.  It was fun to see her recognize some of her friends on the Tattly web site. 


Once we devoured Tattly we quickly moved on to BC USA to buy up a bunch of stickers and erasers.   Often, Emma couldn't' help herself and she keep finding more and more stickers because "those are just so cute, I have to get them"  So when I say we bought a lot, what I really mean to say is, WE REALLY BOUGHT A LOT!    I like that Emma is a thoughtful  buyer and she often considered the shopper's needs.... a little bit of cute here, a little pink there, a little blue,  a lot of animal stickers, even some things for the boys.  


Next up:  Squishables.    First we needed to know which Squishables we actually had in stock.  Emma took an inventory (which took a while because of all the Exit9 distractions) cuz really, who wants the old stuff.   We pretty much stuck to the new stuff.  


After a hard afternoon of buying, Emma went on a shopping spree and got a lot of nice things including a giant Squishable.   Emma, I had a wonderful time with you!!!   I look forward to you coming for another visit.    And I hope you like your prizes!!! 

Spring Sprung Spell

Miss Julie, the fabulous Exit9 window dresser, has done it again!    Her witchcraftery is beyond good.  The spells she has cast call upon the paganistic spirits of warm wind, youthful lambs, playful piglets and newly born baby ducklings.  Together, they are calling forth Spring's rebirth and all its warm glory.   And it's evident that her spells are taking hold.   Thanks to her, temperatures are rising.  It shouldn't be long now before we are basking in beautiful t-shirt weather.   Come get yours t-shirt today.   

We've got many t-shirts in stock... Lincoln popping a wheelie, Pink Frued, Big Foot, and the ever popular triple headed shark. 

Just today, one customer walked in and declared "Macy's windows can suck it.  Your guys rock!"

Love Is The Message DVD Signing


Come and meet the one and only Nicky Siano, New York's legendary Disco Pioneer.   Nicky will be signing copies of his newly released DVD "Love is the message" (available at Exit9) on March 27.  

2 DVD set $29.95
CD soundtrack $19.95

Exit9 Gift Emporium
51 Avenue A  
NY 10009 (between 3 and 4th)

March 27, 2014  6pm - 8pm


Nicky Siano  was a resident DJ at Studio 54. Siano was born in Brooklyn, New York. In 1971, at the age of 16, he got his first djing gig, with the help of Robin Lord, and in 1972 he opened The Gallery in SoHo, Manhattan with his older brother Joe Siano.  At the time he was considered to be the best DJ in the city and this helped the club attain its legendary status. In fact New York Magazine called it "one of the five most visually breathtaking nightspots of our time".  The Gallery even took over from David Mancuso's Loft for a short period in the 1970s as the hottest underground dance party.


Love Is The Message is a film about Nicky Siano's legendary nightclub The Gallery. Featuring interviews with SianoFrankie Knuckles and David Mancuso, all footage was shot on location in the NY warehouse between 1976-77 and has now been made into a feature documentary with a soundtrack compiled and edited by Siano. Whether DJing dressed as the Statue Of Liberty - or in nothing more than a set of headphones (at the end of the night he was known to mix with his toes) - the flamboyant Siano opened his Gallery discotheque with brother Joe in 1972 (beforeStudio 54 or the Paradise Garage) redefining clubbing with a weekly party that inspired/launched the careers of Grace JonesDC La Rue, Larry LevanLoleatta Holloway and others. The inclusive, LGBT-safe environment was decorated weekly, a place where all the colours of the rainbow could be seen and heard, where dressing up was all part of the experience and where soul, funk, disco, gospel, Afro to r'n'b lived and spun in harmony on Siano's turntables. 

Setting up for a night at The Gallery [Image courtesy N.Siano/Inspira]

Setting up for a night at The Gallery [Image courtesy N.Siano/Inspira]

In the early '70s Nicky helped pioneer a new style of DJing, one which was to become a creative art in itself. Mixing records and sound FX on relatively primitive equipment compared to today's technology, it's no wonder Nicky became known as one of the best club DJs in New York and simultaneously scored himself a DJ residency at Studio 54. But it was The Gallery that became the hottest (and probably the most fun) party in Manhattan for a period. New York Magazine called it "one of the five most visually breathtaking nightspots of our time". 

Thankfully, between 1976-77 a committed team from Tisch University's graduating class captured it all on film, including interviews at the parties, which have been edited into a feature length record of The Gallery's heydays.

Happy Holidays from Space!


All was calm in outer space... until suddenly. 

Ground Control:  Space station this is Ground Control, we're picking up a disturbance in your vicinity. Can you confirm?  Over.



Space Station:  Uh, yeah, we're seeing some unidentified objects approaching Earth.  

GC:  Please describe. Over.

SS: We have visual contact of one large rocket ship operated by one large wooden robot.. holy molly, it looks stellar!  

GS:  Our readings show it's a cargo ship, but we advise that you take defensive action.  


SS:   Frack!  It's deploying smaller robots!   What are those things?  What do they have?  Frack!  They're coming out of nowhere!   They're all around us!   Over!

GS:   Stand by, Space Station.  We are deploying fighter ships to your region....   Wait... wait.... we are picking up an incoming message... someone is trying to make contact.  Over.

(**Hiss... crackle $#%^@... crackle...)


(**Hiss... crackle $#%^@... crackle...)

Exit9:   Sorry about that Ground Control...  This is Exit9 in NYC.   This is not a threat, repeat this is NOT a threat!!!    Do not retaliate!   What you're seeing are the imaginations of a Miss Julie DeLano.  Her imagination often takes real form.   Do NOT attack!

GC:   Frack, Exit9, haven't we told you about this before?  Over.

photo (9).jpg
photo (6).jpg

Exit9:   Affirmative, Ground Control.  We're sorry, but it's the holiday season and we eventually and inevitably lose control.  Julie's creations are simply too strong.   Please just let the robots deploy peacefully.  They are delivering some special gifts to the peoples of the world. 

GC:  Anything good?

Exit9:  Of course, especially The Monocle.    Come by the store and listen to the Exit9 soundscape playing in our windows.   The MONOCLE is not just one thing, but instead it's a speaker, a handset and a speakerphone all in one. It allows you to enjoy music and make calls in a fresh new way.  Each Monocle has the ability to link up to other monocles for a more pronounced sound. 


photo (7).jpg

12 Days of Charity Sign Up

12 days facebook.png

 Hello and Happy Fall,

It's time for us to start organizing ourselves so we can all have a successful fundraising program this year.  We are gearing up for the same program again this year.  We will donate (to your PTA) 20% of all profits generated from the sales of your supporters.

For those of you who know the program and would like to sign up you can do so here.   The deadline is November 12th.   So don't delay. 

Here are the Rules....

  1. First step is to sign up here by November 12th.  
  2. We will review your application and let you know if you've been accepted by November 15.   Unfortunately we can not except everyone.   Schools that are in close proximity or those who promoted well last year will receive priority status. 
  3. Please ONLY sign up if you are able to motivate your own supporters by using pack back mail, social media, posters etc.   We will provide you with some materials like signs in PDF format, but there is only so much we can do.  It is up to you to get the word out early and frequently.    . 
  4. The Program runs from Dec 1 - 12th.  We make it simple for your supporters. When they are making their purchase, simply have them say what school they are supporting
  5. A portion of their purchase will be donated to your school's PTA. 

If you have any questions, then please call me on my cell 718-483-5253

Thank you,




Buyer For A Day!

Congratulations to Alice for being Exit9's first Buyer For The Day!  

Most of you may not realize this, but to us in the retail world, Christmas and Hanukkah are right around the corner.   As we all know, being a holiday shopper for your family and friends is stressful enough... checking your list, counting it twice, the many errands, the long lines, the running out of time etc.   But being an Exit9 buyer requires even more planning than most realize.   It may not always be easy, but it sure is more fun when you have Alice by your side. Alice won an opportunity to become Exit9's first buyer-for-the-day and she was a big help making some very important buying decisions.    

Alice had the most fun with her first job: placing 3 consecutive holiday orders with Squishables.    In fact, she did such a good job, we decided she earned one for keeps.   In addition, you'll be seeing an abundant selection of Klutz toys this holiday season... thanks to Alice.  By the end our time together, Alice had also placed a Stringdoll order all by herself.   So you and me both can look forward to whatever items she picked out!

Thanks Alice!   You're hired!      It was wonderful meeting you!  We hope you had as much fun as we did!     


Welcome Back Kids!... Giant style!

photo (5).jpg

We're sure you had a good time at camp (not to mention all you parents having fun when the kids were away!)    We'd like to welcome you back in a big way so we put our very own window dresser, Julie D. up to the colossal task.    Don't worry if you feel small as you gander at these towering windows.   It's just an optical illusion that distorts the scale of reality by, oh I don't know... 2500% ?   check out that pencil!   It's 6 feet tall and made from solid wood! 

photo (3).jpg