Happy Holidays from Space!


All was calm in outer space... until suddenly. 

Ground Control:  Space station this is Ground Control, we're picking up a disturbance in your vicinity. Can you confirm?  Over.



Space Station:  Uh, yeah, we're seeing some unidentified objects approaching Earth.  

GC:  Please describe. Over.

SS: We have visual contact of one large rocket ship operated by one large wooden robot.. holy molly, it looks stellar!  

GS:  Our readings show it's a cargo ship, but we advise that you take defensive action.  


SS:   Frack!  It's deploying smaller robots!   What are those things?  What do they have?  Frack!  They're coming out of nowhere!   They're all around us!   Over!

GS:   Stand by, Space Station.  We are deploying fighter ships to your region....   Wait... wait.... we are picking up an incoming message... someone is trying to make contact.  Over.

(**Hiss... crackle $#%^@... crackle...)


(**Hiss... crackle $#%^@... crackle...)

Exit9:   Sorry about that Ground Control...  This is Exit9 in NYC.   This is not a threat, repeat this is NOT a threat!!!    Do not retaliate!   What you're seeing are the imaginations of a Miss Julie DeLano.  Her imagination often takes real form.   Do NOT attack!

GC:   Frack, Exit9, haven't we told you about this before?  Over.

photo (9).jpg
photo (6).jpg

Exit9:   Affirmative, Ground Control.  We're sorry, but it's the holiday season and we eventually and inevitably lose control.  Julie's creations are simply too strong.   Please just let the robots deploy peacefully.  They are delivering some special gifts to the peoples of the world. 

GC:  Anything good?

Exit9:  Of course, especially The Monocle.    Come by the store and listen to the Exit9 soundscape playing in our windows.   The MONOCLE is not just one thing, but instead it's a speaker, a handset and a speakerphone all in one. It allows you to enjoy music and make calls in a fresh new way.  Each Monocle has the ability to link up to other monocles for a more pronounced sound. 


photo (7).jpg