Spring Sprung Spell

Miss Julie, the fabulous Exit9 window dresser, has done it again!    Her witchcraftery is beyond good.  The spells she has cast call upon the paganistic spirits of warm wind, youthful lambs, playful piglets and newly born baby ducklings.  Together, they are calling forth Spring's rebirth and all its warm glory.   And it's evident that her spells are taking hold.   Thanks to her, temperatures are rising.  It shouldn't be long now before we are basking in beautiful t-shirt weather.   Come get yours t-shirt today.   

We've got many t-shirts in stock... Lincoln popping a wheelie, Pink Frued, Big Foot, and the ever popular triple headed shark. 

Just today, one customer walked in and declared "Macy's windows can suck it.  Your guys rock!"