Thinking Putty Strange Attractor

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Use the powerful magnetic forces to control you putty without even touching it.  It moves and behaves just like regular putty but it also behaves the natural laws of magnetics. Is it a coincidence that Strange attractor is the name of a mathematical equation that is commonly part of chaos theory?  We think not. This equation creates a fractal—a never ending, non-repeating pattern within a dynamic system. Basically, a strange attractor has a mind of its own and creates beautiful patterns in design, art, and nature.

Strange Attractor Thinking Putty has a mind of its own as well. A deep, mysterious black with subtle green sparkles, it comes alive when charged with the included magnet.

Each tin includes 1/5 lb of Strange Attractor Thinking Putty—a huge handful for tons of fun—a 1" x 1" ceramic magnet.


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