Eat Chic Chocolate Assortment

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We fell in love with Eat Chic from the moment we met.  How could we not?  How can you not? Their flavor is only matched by their impeccable presentation.  They start with homemade dry-roasted nut butters, then add organic spices and flavors to create a unique box of chocolates you have to taste to believe. Each box is unique! Each box includes an assortment of 9 of the following flavors in 70% dark chocolate:

coconut peanut butter / cinnamon peanut butter / chocolate peanut butter + crunchy cacao nibs / peanut butter + STAGG Jam banana-vanilla bean jam / almond butter + STAGG Jam cherry-chai jam / peanut butter + Maldon sea salt / almond butter + Maldon sea salt / cashew butter + Maldon sea salt / chocolate hazelnut butter / maple pecan butter / matcha cashew butter / pumpkin spice almond butter

Each chocolate is slightly larger than 1/2 ounce (16 grams), enough to enjoy in 4-5 luxurious bites. 

Each Chic chocolates are:

handmade in small batches in Brooklyn
filled with our own homemade nut butters
made with responsibly-sourced craft chocolate by TCHO, an American bean-to-bar chocolate maker with a focus on flavor & sustainability
made with organic & fair-trade sugar
palm oil-free
vegan & dairy-free
best consumed within 2 months

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