Matzo Ball Soup Kit

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“WOULD IT KILL YOU TO TRY SOMETHING NEW?  Eat something, you look skinny."

We laugh out loud everything we read this box. In addition to being actually flavorful matzo in the inside, there's plenty to devour on the outside of the box, complete with grandmotherly advice.

This box has everything you need to whip up a steaming pot of matzo ball soup!  Why would you knock yourself out making matzo ball soup from scratch?  Using this box means more time to watch cooking shows. Made right here in Brooklyn!

About Ashley and Kevin...

In 30 years of friendship it never occurred to us to become business partners... Until we realized that,in 90 years, it never occurred to anyone else to make a better tasting matzo.

Summer Camp friends Ashley Albert and Kevin Rodriguez set out to bake a new take on the culturally beloved, but traditionally flavorless box of matzo. Instead, they got a super-snappy, extra-sturdy, crazy-versatile cracker that goes with every single thing they've tried to put on it.


Bag#1 Matzo Balls: Matzo crumbs (flour and water), sea salt, dried onions, dill seed, celery seed, dried garlic, monocalcium phosphorate and baking soda, potato starch, tapioca dextrose.

Bag #2 Broth: Potato starch, sea salt, unrefined cane sugar, tapioca dextrose, non-GMO canola oil, dried onion and carrot, dill seed, celery seed, garlic powder, parsley, black pepper, tumeric.

Contains Wheat


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