Stagg Jam Lemon Coal

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Proudly made right here in Brooklyn.  Stagg Lemon Coal is made of tart, bright lemons with a healthy dose of food grade activated charcoal.  This is a simple, palate cleansing and healthy marmalade. The best thing to happen to cheese boards since crackers! 

This is a thin cut marmalade.

About Stagg... 

We don't believe in artificial preservatives.

We do believe in real food and that it shouldn't be treated like a stamp - it's ok to be different, it's better that way.

Who wants monotony?

Everything we make is made in small batches, just a few hundred at a time and every jar is poured by hand. By the time we get to the bottom of the pot (yes we make it in a pot!) the natural sugar has started to caramelize. What you will find is 3 stages of a batch each lending a wholesome, flavorful treat. Same ingredients, same love just a matter of time. 

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