Avocado Smash

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Avocado Smash! is a fast paced card game that only tastes good, when you're the first player to get rid of all your cards. To play, you'll need at least two players. 

Game Overview:

Each player gets an even amount of cards. Piles remain face down. The youngest player flips their card and places it in the center. While players are turning over their cards, they must count the say what umber card is being placed aloud. The first player drew card one, and the next players follow in sequence up to card 15. If a card happens to match the number being said on that turn then that is a smash! All players have to smash their hands down in the middle of the table, and the last player to react takes all the cards from the center. Additional wild cards add more fun and flair to the mix!

Game Details:

  •  2-99 Players
  •  10 Minute Game Time
  •  Ages +6



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