Brooklyn Chocolate Sampler Box

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Two great tastes that taste great together! Enjoy the rich chocolaty flavors of Brooklyn. This homegrown chocolate is as delicious as it is beautiful. Raaka and Eat Chic chocolate is made fresh daily from the finest organic, single origin Dominican Cacao and beans.   

-Made in Brooklyn

-100% Organic | Kosher Pareve Certified

In The Box:

  • ThisTwo Raolate Bars 
  • Three Boxes of Eat Chic Chocolates

Two Raaka Chocolate Bars - Oat Milk and Maple Nibs

The Oat Milk reminds us of delightful chocolate covered homemade granola. The Mapple Nibs is a combination of maple sugar and unroasted cacao uniting to form a deep fudge flavor, while toasted nibs add a nice texture and crunch.

All of Raaka chocolate is certified organic, kosher and non-GMO, as well as gluten and soy free.

Three boxes of Eat Chic Chocolates (4 butter cups per box) - Hazelnut Butter, Almond Espresso, and Almond Oat Milk

The Hazelnut Butter Cup is a dark chocolate shell filled with a lightly sweetened hazelnut spread topped with chopped hazelnuts and cacao nibs for a delightful crunch. The Almond Espresso is a dark chocolate shell filled with ground organic espresso beans and dry roasted almonds to create a more luxurious pick-me-up. The Almond Oat Milk is a dark chocolate shell full of of a creamy roasted almond butter and oat milk deliciousness, topped with chopped almonds for a delightful texture. 

Brooklyn-based handcrafted chocolates filled with small-batch organic nut and seed butters. Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free chocolates.

























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