Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Cups

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Dark chocolate cups are filled with freshly ground chocolate hazelnut butter and topped with chopped hazelnuts and cacao nibs. Made in Brooklyn, NY.

Plus, these tasty morsels are organic, vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, soy-free, and palm oil free. But, listen, don't just consider giving Eat Chic Box of Cups to the vegans on your list, tasty treats are for everyone!

Ingredients: 71% Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate (organic unroasted cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic maple sugar, organic cacao butter*); Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Butter (dry-roasted organic hazelnuts, organic powdered sugar, organic brown sugar, organic cacao powder, pink Himalayan salt, organic vanilla bean); Organic Cacao Nibs; Organic Chopped Hazelnuts.

Contains: hazelnuts. May contain peanuts, other tree nuts, coconut, and sesame. Not suitable for anyone with any of these allergies.

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