What's Your Poo Telling You?

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Like a snowflake, each poo has a wondrous uniqueness. But what does it mean? What's Your Poo Telling You will help you figure it out.

Find out just how much you can learn from studying what's in the bowl with this witty, illustrated description of over two dozen dookies. Doctor weigh in on each movement giving details that one can learn about health and well-being through your poo. A floater? It's probably due to a buildup of gas. Now, think back on last night's dinner, a burrito perhaps?

You'll find the names of poos you never even knew existed. The Log Jam, The Glass Shard, The Deja Poo, The Hanging Chard? the list goes is in depth, so you'll learn about all of the variations and what they mean to your health. This collection of crap also includes sidebars, trivia, over 60 euphemisms for number 2, and unusual case histories that make this the ultimate bathroom reader!

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