Craft-Tastic Art Kits

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The fun never stops with colorful Craft-Tastic Art kits, designed by Ann Williams. Each kit is specifically designed to teach little inspired artists new skills, while they create colorful and meaningful works of art. 


String Art Unicorn: Use included patterns, thread, and pins to create mesmerizing string art display pieces. Push pins into the pattern printed foam pieces and string your heart out! Ages +10.

  • Kit Includes: two foam canvases, 4 pcs cardstock, cotton thread, polyester thread, acrylic yarn, 100 pins, I pc acrylic felt, 1 pc paper, instructions. 


All About Me Quiz Art: A crafty display of your true colors. Start by answering the fun questions in the quiz book. Each response has a color that you'll use to weave that colored thread around the wooden frame to create art all about you! Ages +8.

  • Kit Includes: 12 wood dowel rods, 2 wooden disks, cotton thread, iridescent thread, 24 plastic beads, 6 plastic straws, 12 plastic straw pieces, 21 stickers, 1 pc adhesive, and an instructional quiz booklet. 


Surprise Balls: Makes 5 surprise balls shaped like a happy emoji, cuddly teddy bear, cute koala, magical unicorn or tasty ice cream cone. Includes charms to fill the balls as gifts. Ages +6.

  • Kit Includes: 5 plastic capsules, crepe paper, 91 stickers, 50 pcs cardstock, 10 pcs glitter foam, 35 glitter foam stickers, 20 jump rings, elastic cord, 50 puffy stickers, 2 pcs adhesive, and detailed instructions. 


Sticker Playhouse: A 3-foot tall dream home that sticks right to the wall! Kids are free to use their imagination and interior design skills to decorate the home. Simply peel and stick (and re-stick) the 650+ repositionable, static cling stickers for no bore décor and hours of decorating fun. Ages +3.

  •  Kit Includes: over 650 stickers, 10 coated cardstock posters, 7 pieces of removable tape. 


Sticker Palooza: A collection of thick, high-quality stickers that stick great but are removable with no sticky mess left behind. Personalize notebooks, phone cases, instrument cases, water bottles, and much more with 1500+ fun stickers. Ages +6.

  • Kit Includes: 1510 Stickers on 32 sheets. 


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