Emotional Barometer Card Set

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It isn't always easy for us to convey our emotions. Sometimes, we aren't able to label them, or maybe, we just don't know where to start. This Emotional Barometer is the tool to help us identify our feelings and help us take a step in the right direction. In the collection, 20 moods are highlighted, teaching us how to better identify and explain our mental states.



  • A movable barometer on the box top 
  • 20 Description cards for 20 different moods (Anxious, Loving, Dreamy, Confident, Guilty, Sulky, Grateful, Envious, Solitary, Obsessed, Ugly, Practical, Weepy, Sensual, Melancholy, Self-Pitying, Needy, Happy, Awed, Nostalgic.

Example Quotes from Cards:

  • 'Everyone is more anxious than they are inclined to tell us. Even the tycoon and the couple in love are suffering. We've collectively failed to admit to ourselves how much it is customary to panic. But we can at least hold out our arms to our similarly tortured, fractured, and above all else, anxious neighbors, as if to say, in the kindest way possible: 'I know...'

    - On Feeling Anxious

  • 'We should enjoy our obsessive moods. To obsess well is to realize that the lovely person we sketch in our heads is our creation: a creation that says more about us than it does about them. We may not really be getting to know another person properly, but we are growing our insight into who we really are.'

    - On Feeling Obsessive

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