Modern Mystic Therapeutic Candles

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Modern Mystic has created a line of aromatherapy candles designed to bring things like balance, love, harmony, protection, and so many other positive things into your life! Not only will burning these candles invite positivity into your life, but also, once the candle is melted, the soy-wax becomes a nourishing skin treatment.   

Candle Type:

  • Abundance: Create a wealth of magic, money and vitality.
  • Clearing: Create a peaceful vibe.
  • Protection: Create an energetic boundary around your being and space.
  • Road Opening: Remove blocks and obstacles from your path.
  • Transformation: Aids in personal transformation and transition.

Product Details:

  • Hand made.
  • Hand poured.
  • Contains keepsake crystal
  • Made with high quality ingredients.


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