NYC Themed Gift Box

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Enjoy all the quintessential goodies that make New York so special. Great for NYC fans or expats.

In The Box:

  • Martins Pretzels
  • Grump Coffee
  • Happy to Serve You Mug
  • NYC Pickles (due to supply limitations, these pickles will be substituted for Sucker Punch pickles)
  • Pizza Rescue Kit
  • Truffle Mustard
  • NYC Motel Keychain

Martins Pretzels

These pretzels are handmade in PA. There are 8 golden brown pretzels per package. As a bonus, they are fat-free and sugar-free!

Grump Coffee

12oz of whole beans. These premium coffee beans are roasted daily in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We ship only whole bean coffee and do not grind the beans prior to shipping. Coffee is packaged in sealed compostable valve bags made from 100% renewable resources.

Happy To Serve You Mug

This classic New York coffee cup is now immortalized in ceramic form. Once a staple of every corner deli, this blue and white Greek motif is quickly disappearing from NYC.

Pizza Rescue Kit

Enjoy more spices for more slices with this NYC Pizza Rescue Kit. As New York pizza aficionados we recommend this unique assortment of spices that will transform that ordinary slice into one of unforgettable doughy, cheesy, saucy bliss.

Truffle Mustard

Truffle Mustard: Bauer's mustard made since 1888 in Ridgewood, Queens infused with black summer truffles from northern Italy. Contains pieces of truffles. Bauer's mustard from Ridgewood, Queens pairs up with black summer truffles from northern Italy to create a mustard like no other.

NYC Motel Keychain

Venture back to the dirtier days of motel hopping and mixed it up with the nostalgia of NYC romance. This durable 3.5 inch key chain is both lightweight and large enough to be easily located. 




























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