"Calm" Pocket Prompt Cards

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It is time to find perspective on life’s sorrows and regrets! With these 60 pocket sized prompt cards, you'll be able to do just that.

Throughout our journeys opportunities arise that cause us to lose our tempers: the behavior of partners, colleagues, children – and computers. Distractions, worries and fears arise which leave us feeling stressed and unsettled.

Calm Prompt Cards contain ideas and observations to help us handle these frustrations. Through ironic humor, consoling cultural references, and a small amount of pessimistic wisdom, they help to summon up our best and calmest selves.

Example Cards:

  • The people who most care about you will not especially admire your achievements; they like you anyway.

  • For paranoia about ‘what other people think’: remember that only some hate, a very few love – and almost all just don’t care.

  • The only people we feel are sane are those we don’t yet know very well.

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