She Can Really Lay it Down

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She Can Really Lay It Down celebrates 50 incredible women who shredded, sang, and stormed the stage with ferocity and passion. Each incredible musician in this book defied genre and social conventions to shape the music industry as we know it, but have been overlooked simply because they are women.

Sister Rosetta Sharpe, Carol Kaye, Janet Weiss, Carole King, and Wu Man are just a few of the groundbreaking musicians author and illustrator Rachel Frankel shines a spotlight on.

• Each musician is accompanied by a vivid portrait and heartfelt biography
• Readers discover new heroes and revisit familiar faces
• Features an exposed spine designed to look like the neck of a guitar

She Can Really Lay It Down pays homage to songwriters, performers, and musicians from every genre, inspiring a whole new generation of fearless and talented performers.











































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