Men's Solid Cologne

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Fulton & Roark premium solid colognes are made of a proprietary high-performing wax blend and award-winning fragrances, all designed to create the perfect amount of personal fragrance. These fragrances are potent enough for those closest to admire it, but they aren't so overpowering that they consume the whole room.

These solid fragrances offer a long-lasting and steady scent designed to keep you fresh. The solid metal containers make for a convenient travel to the gym bag, pocket or carry-on, allowing a man to smell his best no matter where he goes. Each tin is .2 ounces.


  • Tybee:White musk accented with rosewood and cedar.
  • Shackleford: Blend of sandalwood and warm amber
  • Hatteras:Traditional fragrance with green notes and light spice.  
  • Palmetto: Blend of Brazillian Pepper, Cedarwood, and Magnolia
  • Clearwater:Madagascan Geranium and Oak Moss complemented with notes of fresh water.
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