The CBD Kitchen

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  CBD oil (cannibidoil) is taking the world by storm because of its anti-inflammatory super powers that ease physical and mental aliments. Dive into over 50 plant-based CBD incorporated recipes by wellness expert Leah Vanderveldt.


  It's believed that CBD may help to improve our brain health, alleviate anxiety, headaches, and arthritis. CBD comes from the cannabis plant, however unlike the stuff you smoke, CBD contains only trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive chemical of the plant that gets you high. It has the relaxing, anti-inflammatory benefits of the cannabis plant without giving you the high. The author, Leah Vanderveldt, has taken CBD oil for over a year and believes it's helped with anxiety, pain and sleep. This compilation of recipes includes smoothies, teas and coffees, snacks and desserts, light savory meals, and even mocktails and cocktails. To top it off,  there's a CBD skin care section such as an anti-inflammatory face mask and a coconut oil moisturiser.







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