Chocolate Purists Gift Box

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For the purists and those who like their chocolate simple and sophisticated! This is our Box of Bars featuring chocolate from the much-loved Brooklyn chocolatier, Fine and Raw. 

Their small batch approach can be described as a mix of fine ingredients, obsession, and alchemy. Their end game is chocolate magic. 

So that's the fine in the name Fine and Raw. What about the raw? 

When it comes to chocolate, raw means the cacao is not roasted, and the chocolate is heated about 180 degrees, which creates, what some say, the quintessential chocolate experience. 

Fine and raw also uses coconut sugar, which is just as sweet as cane sugar but deepens the flavor of the cacao (There are also some trace minerals and nutrients so go ahead and file under #smartvices.) 

And yes, this makes all the Fine and Raw chocolate bars in this gift suitable for vegans. If you are not a vegan, don't make the mistake of missing out.  

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