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All product submissions should be directed to submit[at]  

Feel free to attach any variety of photos or links so we may best view your line. If our curiosity is piqued, we'll reach back to you for more information.  Read the description below to give you a good idea if your products will work at Exit9 and Local Line. 

Thanks in advance for sharing your creations!


Thanks for your interest in working with us. Our products have been described as unique, whimsical, quirky and functional. If you come into our stores you'll understand that we have something for everyone. We have the quirky or themed version of functional items like kitchen tools. We have off-beat books, very specific topics - some are ridiculous, humorous or outrageous. Not all jewelry or accessories work for us, come in and check out the store before you pitch us. You will get a better sense of our price points and styles. Kids and young teen stuff works for Exit9, again, but not everything. Not every trend will work here. We definitely do attitude, but we are also sweet. Unexpected or surprising. Clever all day long. If you have a fresh puzzle or game, we'll want a look. If it is clever or cool. We do kitchen stuff that is eco or urban style and space conscious. Do you make awesome wallets, backpack or bags? That's us. Urban and unexpected styles. Must have smart design!

Now that we are launching our new shop, Local Line, we are also locally made and designed food, and the NYC memento that is a cut above. Made in Brooklyn, Made in NYC made by our neighbors on Long Island or New Jersey. 


If we just described your creations, email us at     submit[at]