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Details & Discounts


If you are interested in sending Local Line gift boxes you can always begin by saying hello via email to get started. We’ll email you back or call you if you prefer. Contact us at [email protected].


To get started, shop the LOCAL LINE GIFT BOXES HERE

Once you know what boxes you would like to order, you have two ways to place your multiple box order and receive a discount:

  1. For orders under $500 simply use our standard shopping cart to complete your purchase.
  2. For orders over $500, you may use a personal discount code - email us for your code

Instructions for each ordering method follow.  


You can use the discount schedule below to estimate the available discount for your order while you are shopping. Don’t forget, you can combine your personal and business gift giving to meet discount levels. 

  • 10% discount on gift box purchases of $500-999
  • 15% discount on gift box purchases of $1000 to $4999
  • 20% discount on gift box purchases of $5000 and up.

Please remember multiple box discounts do not apply to shipping costs.

Additionally, we encourage you to buy early. All discounts expire on December 1.  


You can purchase your Local Line gift boxes via self-checkout on the Exit9 website by entering your personal discount code for each transaction.  Please email us at [email protected] and request a personal discount code. We'll chat about your shopping plans. 

  • A personal discount code allows you to self-checkout on the Exit9 website by entering your order for all the individuals on your shopping list. 
  • When you email us about your planned purchases, we will send you a personal code with the corresponding discount and expiration date. 
  • If you want to get friends or family in on this deal, please send them our way versus sharing your code. Your code is associated with your email.


There are two ways to receive free shipping on gift boxes.

1) Any individual gift box purchase of $100 or more is eligible for free shipping.

2) Or any order going to one address totaling $100 or more. In both cases the shipping is free. For example:

  • All boxes in your order that are $100 or more  -- ship for free 
  • All box orders of $100 or more shipping to one address -- this order ships for free.
  • If your multiple box order of $500 or more is going to one address it ships for free and receives the appropriate discount level for the total purchase price. 


Any gift box or order that does not qualify for free shipping will be charged according to UPS shipping costs to that zip code. When you send us your order spreadsheet, we will email you an order confirmation for review and payment. The order confirmation will have the actual shipping costs.


We ship all Local Line gift boxes via UPS. If your company or organization has an account with UPS, we can use your account number to mitigate shipping costs.

If you want to use a courier other than UPS, please keep in mind most of the management of the shipping will be the purchaser’s responsibility. The following outlines the process:

  • If you have an account with another service such as DHL or FedEx you can use this account to ship your Local Line gift boxes in the following way:

o   For couriers other than UPS the order and addresses must be submitted on a spreadsheet or form, not in an email.

o   Once you review your order confirmation and make payment, we pack and prepare the packages.

o   When packages are ready, we confirm the pickup date with you, the purchaser. Then you order a pick up with your preferred service by giving them the order information and shipping addresses.

o   The courier will need to pick up the gift boxes and match them to the shipping bills.

o   Please make sure your service can pick up between the hours of 11 am and 7 pm on the pickup date from 127 Smith Street, Brooklyn at Dean Street.

o   As you can see, UPS is the easiest shipping method. Exit9/Local Line reserves the right to cancel this option during, particularly busy seasons. Please ask if we can accommodate this option.


There are many ways we can customize and personalize your gift boxes. Here are a few ideas. Please ask us if you have other needs.

  • We can customize gift boxes from the local goods curated by Local Line or add other items. Addition sourcing may take extra time.
  • We can customize gift boxes with your logo items, stickers, and ribbons, etc.
  • We can tap the product lines of Exit9 Gift Emporium to either customize a gift box or for individual gifting. These gift choices will not always be local, but we can offer gifting services at a lower per person cost. 
  • We can work with you to curate and source the gift items you would like to give. Customization requires lead-time and sometimes minimums. Get in touch early; we'll help.
  • We also have experience curating in-house holiday markets, hotel gift shops, and corporate campus gift shops with or without food. So, yes, we customize!
  • During holiday seasons, we have cut-off times for new custom orders. Please ask.


On the spreadsheet, there are spaces to include a gift message. One message per order is a free service. Please let us know if different messages are needed for your business and personal recipients or if you need to send personalized messages. Nominal fees may apply. Let's discuss what you need. 

If you are ordering using a personal discount code there is a message box at checkout. This message will appear on the gift receipt in the gift box. 

We can also provide Local Line with your printed cards - either branded or personal cards -- just ask so we can facilitate. 

Local Line can provide handwritten cards for $5 per box. 


Processing begins after payment. Therefore credit cards speed things along. Here are some typical processing times. Often we can process faster, but these are good guidelines to help you plan the date you would like your gift boxes to arrive. When we finalize your order, we will give you the current processing times.

Jan-Aug                    10 days or less

Sept-October             10 days or less

November                  5 days or less

December                  5 Days, but Good luck, it's our busy time and items often sell out.  

Several factors may impact processing, for example:

  • Size of order
  • Order complexity – large orders with personalization
  • Custom orders
  • Together we will determine how customization increases order completion time and work to streamline the process


If you need gifts fast, we will always try to find a solution for you within your time frame. If you have a delivery service, you can arrange to have the gifts or gift boxes picked up.

The best thing to do is email [email protected] and include RUSH in the subject line. Please include a phone number and we will get back to you asap.


  • Local Line gift boxes come in either a white corrugated box with an abstract drawing of the Brooklyn Bridge wrapped around the box or a brown kraft paper corrugated box and ribbon. See the Brooklyn Bridge box here.
  • Other boxes or containers can be arranged for your order. This will add time, and we cannot start a special box order between November 20th and December 26th.