Huckleberry Dual Magnifier

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Kids will absolutely love this magnifier glass. Slip it into or backpack or attach it to the pack and you are prepared to nature walks in parks and the woods. Look at bugs leave and rocks up close. The Huckleberry dual magnifier is shatterproof magnifies in 50x and 100x.

Send them to summer camp with this magnifier and let them be curious.

Maybe you'd like to build a personalized camp care package? Just put this magnifier in your cart and select other fun things your child will like. Then check "Make this a Camp Care Package" At checkout and we'll handle it for you.

Or you can have Exit9 do it for you by selecting a "Choose for Me" camp care package. You tell us gender, age and interests on two quick pull down menus and curate a package for you.

We have $50 "Choose for Me" and $100 "Choose for Me" options. 


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