We take fun seriously.  


The Exit9 mission is to put a little fun, joy, diversity and diversion into daily life while adding flavor to the neighborhood.  We hope you'll find our creative selection of gifts and novelties fun.  And every morning when we unlock and roll up the steel gates we know that, along with our fellow small businesses nearby, we are keeping up the vibe. 


Throughout New York City history, it’s been the independent stores that give individual character, block by block, to its neighborhoods. Independent storefronts put a kind of timestamp on life here.  Each of our two stores opened at a time when like-minded merchants and restaurateurs were remaking these sections of the city. If you lived in the East Village in the late nineties you will remember Etherea Records, Limbo Coffee Shop, Save the Robots and Exit 9 as the next wave at the top of Alphabet City. If you lived in Brooklyn in the decade known as the double aughts, then you were excited to see Smith Street transform with restaurants that left Manhattan behind and shops that reflected Brooklyn’s new local pride. Exit 9 was there too. 

So, please think of Exit 9 Gift Emporium when you are in the East Village or Boerum Hill.  We'll be there taking fun seriously. 

We offer full service corporate gift buying.   We specialize in quality products that your employees or client will love.  If you're looking for logo-fied pens, water bottles or baseball caps, keep using your current provider.   However, if you want to leave a lasting impression considering giving for example, our Brooklyn Gift Box comprised of items made right here in Brooklyn including Raaka Chocolates, Brooklyn Bridge Tea Towels, Brooklyn Diner Coffee Mug just to name a few itmes.   Any type or price range gift box can be put together.  Call us and we'll discuss all the options. 

 Exit9 is certified LBGT by the NGLCC so we can easily work with your diversity supplier department.  




The Village Voice named Exit 9 Gift Emporium in the 2010 "Best of NYC" as New York City's "Best Place to Buy Spur-of-the-Moment, Inexpensive Gifts for Virtually Anyone"

We're thrilled because that's what we were going for.    Long Live the Village Voice!