Brooklyn Grange Hot Sauce Gift Set

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Brooklyn Grange Hot Sauce is jam packed with flavor! A combination of high quality ingredients unite to create an artfully crafted symphony of notes. This gift box comes with two 2 ounce bottles of their famous Tangy Herb Blend Green and Classic Red sauces. 

Tangy Herb Blend Green Sauce: Loaded with unique herbs and peppers, this Tangy Herb Blend Hot Sauce from Brooklyn Grange has a bright citrus flavor with a subtle savory finish.

  • Ingredients: Hot & Sweet Peppers, Organic vinegar, Mixed herbs, Onion, Garlic, Salt.

Classic Red Sauce: Dozens of farm fresh pepper varieties are found in this delightful Classic Red Sauce from Brooklyn Grange. The blend results in a slightly sweet, round flavor, with an unexpected fiery kick.

  •  Ingredients: Ingredients: Hot & Sweet Peppers, Organic Vinegar, Mixed Herbs, Onion, Garlic, Salt.















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